Presonus S6

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Hearing in three dimensions.

The lifelike, three-dimensional monitors has garnered praise from some of the most critical engineers in the audio industry. Their unique design delivers pure and honest sound reproduction that brings to light subtle nuances in recordings that cannot be heard in other monitors. The result is panoramic imaging, finely detailed transient response, and stunning dynamics is nothing short of astonishing.


The CoActual® difference.

The single point source provided by coaxial designs offers unique advantages, thanks to their consistent acoustic center and symmetrical dispersion pattern. The proprietary CoActual design in the Sceptre S6 studio monitor relies on custom coaxial drivers and advanced onboard DSP to create a seamless crossover transition and an even frequency response. The net result is exceptional 3D imaging and a natural listening experience that reveals the subtlest details.



The PreSonus CoActual speaker begins with a well designed, horn-loaded, coaxial driver. With the high-frequency driver placed in the middle of the low-frequency driver, the response is symmetric both horizontally and vertically. This greatly increases the sweet spot and increases clarity and imaging.

The biggest challenge of any coaxial speaker design is overcoming the intermodulation distortion caused by component interference. The horn-loaded design in a CoActual speaker uses the horn to prevent the high-frequency driver from interfering with the low-frequency driver. While this design has numerous benefits, anomalies on the throat of the horn can reflect back onto the low-frequency driver. This slight delay can cause speaker using this design to have an uneven mid-range response.

PreSonus overcomes this issue by using a powerful onboard DSP running Fulcrum Acoustics’ Temporal Equalization algorithms. TQ™ relies on fully addressable, fairly large FIR filters. These filters provide detailed adjustments in both the time and frequency domains. By using these filters to delay the horn to the back plane of the low-frequency driver, PreSonus CoActual speakers are able to produce an incredibly even mid-range with an inaudible crossover transition, allowing the finest details of your mix to be heard.


Symmetric response.

With a conventional two-way studio monitor design that places the high-frequency driver directly above the low-frequency driver, where you are listening is critical to how well you will hear the audio. By contrast, the Sceptre S6 studio monitor's frequency response is symmetrical horizontally and vertically, thanks to its coaxial speaker design. When coupled with Fulcrum Acoustics Temporal Equalization algorithms, the result is a crisper stereo image, greater soundstage depth, more separation between components in a complex mix, and a less fatiguing listening experience.

Accurate transient reproduction.

Consonant sounds in speech, percussion, and attack and decay of musical instruments are all transient signals. Transients consist of complex combinations of many frequencies. The phase relationships of these individual harmonics are a critical part of the characteristic “sound” of an instrument or voice. When they are reproduced accurately, the result is sonic transparency, definition, and intelligibility. By maintaining the transient reproduction, even at high volumes, CoActual speakers minimize distortion and produce clean, clear, consistent audio at any SPL.

Monitors you can customize.

Sceptre-series studio monitors provide extensive user-adjustable contour features that let you optimize the monitors for your mixing space. This enables full integration into any studio environment. A four-position Acoustic Space switch helps to compensate for the boundary bass boost that occurs when the monitor is placed near a wall. A high-frequency driver level control helps to further mitigate room anomalies. An onboard highpass filter makes it easy to integrate a Temblor® or other subwoofer into your monitor setup.



Accuracy defined.

The unique design of Sceptre S6 CoActual studio monitors delivers unmatched lifelike sonic reproduction and three-dimensional soundstage. Their ability to accurately reproduce transients and smooth frequency response will reveal subtle nuances that afford a truly honest listening experience. Hear them at your favorite PreSonus® dealer.


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