Seer Audio NX-10 V2

Thương hiệu: Nhạc Việt Hà Nội Mã sản phẩm: NX10-V2
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Powered all-in-one PA system for audiences of 500-1000, 4x NX-10 mid/ high units, 2x NX-18D subwoofer, accessories included


This is a sweet plug-and-play solution for smaller to midsized venues with audiences of 500 - 1000. Consisting of two mid/high units, one subwoofers, and all the requisite accessories. Surprisingly compact and easily transportable, it nonetheless delivers impressive performance. Configuration and voicing is an exercise in convenience - a simple flip of the Gain/EQ switch on the mid/high units and the Configuration switch on the subwoofers is all it takes. The system’s integrated controller presets do the rest.




*Sets up quickly and is ready for use in no time at all

*Fully active component management (gain adjustment) for utmost flexibility and utility

*All components needed for safe operation on board and optimized to suit user needs

*Mid/high units may be used separately

*Factory-included accessories

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